RV Education 101® / RV 101® - Motorhome Complete Video & E-book Bundle

We took 6 of our individual motorhome related video titles and 10 of our motorhome related e-books and put them into a bargain set for you.


The Original RV 101® Motorized Ultimate Video and E-book Bundle Training Course

RV Education 101 is a leader in the industry when it comes to RV education. Our RV training is affordable and in-depth. You don’t have to be concerned if the information you are getting is correctYour instructor is an RV expert, who is an active RVer, with 25 plus years as an RV educator in the RV industry! Watch the RV videos, follow the RV checklists, and read all of the RV e-books. You will master your motorhome the easy way, and quickly be on your way to enjoying your RV experiences.

RV Education 101, an RV information and video production company made it easier for you to learn about YOUR RV! We took 6 of our individual motorhome related video titles and 10 of our motorhome related e-books and put them into a bargain set for you. Not only does this eliminate the guesswork as to which titles go together, this thorough training by an RV Industry expert, greatly reduces your learning curve as a newbie motorhome owner, making all of your RV experiences safe, fun and stress free! You also SAVE a significant amount of money with the bundle set discount.

After watching the complete motorhome set of videos (with some downloadable segments), you will master your own RV experiences.

Mike Wendland, of RV Lifestyle has this to say in his podcast: How to get a complete RV Education ...we talk about RV Education 101, how to learn how to maintain, repair and operate your RV and all the intricate parts and accessories through affordable online training. Our special interview guest is with our friend Mark Polk, who has made available an amazing library of how-to tips,videos and RV training courses. Mark is the best in the business at this and I’m sure you’ll find the wealth of knowledge he is offers will greatly enhance your RV Lifestyle.

Note: The video titles in this set are still available for purchase as single videos.

Video Training Courses Included in the Motorhome Bundle Set

1. How to Buy the Right RV & Save Thousands Online Video Training Program

2. Motorhome Orientation Video Training Course

3. Drive Your Motorhome Like a Pro Video Course

4. RV Essential Items Video Course

5. Winterizing & Storing your RV Video Course

6. RV Care & Preventive Maintenance Video Course

This RV Education 101 e-book bundle set has it all, from buying an RV, to using an RV, and maintaining an RV. The author, Mark J. Polk, has over 25 years of experience in the RV industry, and all of that knowledge is included in this bundled set of e-book courses. This collection of e-book courses offers invaluable information for the novice and experienced RV owner alike.

More than just e-books. These are not your ordinary e-books! These are e-book training courses that can be viewed from computers, tablets, and smartphones. When you enroll in this bundled e-book training course set, you have the option to simply download all of the e-books and read them at your leisure, or you can participate in each of the online training courses. Mark wanted to add more than just an e-book, so the course material includes the written text, short video segments, related articles, helpful tips & tricks, RV play & learn crossword puzzles and quizzes to help you retain the information.

This E-Book Bundle Set Includes:

1. An Introduction to RV's E-book Training Course

2. Insider's Guide to Buying an RV E-book Training Course

3. Owning & Operating an RV E-book Training Course

4. The Original Checklist's for RVers E-book Training Course

5. RV Campground Basics E-book Training Course

6. RV Safety Tips & Tricks E-book Training Course

7. RV Care & Maintenance E-book Training Course

8. Winterizing & Storing your RV E-book Training Course

9. RV Battery Care & Maintenance E-book Training Course

Customer Testimonial: Dawn, I have been watching the videos and reading your newsletters and they have been godsends to a newbie like me. Please keep up the great work! I recommend your site to every RV'er I meet. Good news for your company is that whenever I mention your site, many already know about it. Looks like you're meeting the needs of a lot of people.....Respectfully, Gary Brogna

Bob Zagami the Executive Director of New England RV Dealers Association:
Small business entrepreneurs who see a problem, create a solution, launch a business and make life easier for those who buy their products and services drive the economy of this country. I think that's an apt description of what Dawn and Mark Polk envisioned when they launched RV Education 101. The problem was inadequate training being provided to new RV owners, the solution was to create a company that focused exclusively on creating education and training products that would provide exactly what RV consumers were looking for. I've had the pleasure of knowing and working with Dawn and Mark since the first year they were in business (1999), when I was a freelance reporter with RV News. I've never heard a bad word spoken about Dawn and Mark, or a negative comment about their company or their products. They are exactly what every small business in America should strive to become. They have faced challenges head-on and found ways to overcome them. They have survived recessions and the ups and downs of our industry. And they continue to develop new products and services for RV enthusiasts all around this great country. I can recommend RV Education from personal experience as and industry consultant, freelance writer, and as the Executive Director of the New England RV Dealers Association. I think these products should be on the shelves of every dealer and parts and accessories store. I think these products should be provided to customers by dealers when they are delivering a new RV, whether it is that families first RV or the tenth RV. That's how good these products are . . . that's how good this company is . . . and that's how professional Dawn and Mark are. You will enjoy doing business with RV Education 101, and you will quickly appreciate the value and professionalism they bring to our industry and RV consumers every day.

Janine Pettit - creator of and an Ambassador for Girl Campers everywhere has this to say about RV Education 101: “Mark and his wife Dawn run the RV Education 101 website, have produced over 350 YouTube videos, and Mark Polk has a widely read blog on Go RVing. He is an industry leader in safety and education and always provides his expertise and experience to seasoned RVers and newcomers alike.”

Stephanie and Jeremy Puglisi of RV Travel Atlas
Mark Polk of RV Education 101 is simply one of the most experienced RV experts in the industry today. He started washing campers at an RV dealership when he was just a teenager, and he couldn’t resist tinkering around in the service center even at that young age. After a career in the military, Mark returned to his roots as an RV sales manager and then later, finance and insurance manager.
Now RV enthusiasts are the lucky recipients of all that knowledge he accumulated along the way. After working at the dealership for years, Mark realized that customers couldn’t possibly retain all the information they were given when purchasing their first RV. In a pre-You Tube world, he knew they needed video tutorials that they could refer to again and again.
So RV Education 101 was born.

Your Instructor

Mark J. Polk
Mark J. Polk
Who is Mark Polk and why is he qualified to teach RV technical content?
Mark is an RVer and has a very extensive background in the RV industry. He began at age 15, washing RVs at a dealership in North Central Pennsylvania. It wasn't long before he was working as an apprentice RV technician under the guidance of the RV service manager.
His maintenance plans were interrupted when he enlisted in the military. Mark completed airborne training in 1979 and served with some of the most elite U.S. Army Airborne units, including Service Company 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne), 82nd Signal battalion, 82nd Airborne Division and the 16th Military Police Brigade, XVIII Airborne Corps. He spent the next 18 years with the U.S. Army eventually retiring as a Chief Warrant Officer 3 Automotive Maintenance Technician.
In the military, he managed large fleet maintenance operations, and had to teach young soldiers how to maintain and operate ‎expensive vehicles and equipment. These soldiers came to him from very different backgrounds, and their prior experience with heavy equipment and mechanical skills were similarly varied. Mark had to learn how to ‎communicate with all of them clearly, concisely, and effectively, and he found he had a ‎talent for teaching. The Army agreed, and eventually he was asked to produce written ‎instructional materials, including driver training manuals and operating procedures for motor ‎pools.‎
When he retired from the Army in 1996, he went to work for an RV dealership in ‎sales and service. He talked to customers about their needs and desires and helped them select ‎the right RV for them. He inspected used RVs for trade-in, he serviced customer RVs, and he ‎educated customers on how to operate and enjoy their vehicles. As an RV owner himself, throughout the years, he has owned and used all the classifications of RVs (travel trailer, motorhome, pop up, 5th wheel and truck camper). He even restored, from the ground up, a 1967 Yellowstone travel trailer. It was clear to him there ‎were limited resources available to RV owners who wanted to learn more about how to operate and maintain their RVs. Owners’ manuals provide limited information, and most consumers ‎find them confusing. Anecdotal information learned around campfires from other RV owners is ‎incomplete and can be unreliable.
Mark realized he had the knowledge and teaching ability ‎to fill that gap, and so in 1999 he began writing articles and books about how to choose, buy, ‎maintain, repair, and operate a variety of RVs. To date, he has produced more than 500 educational ‎videos, and authored 15 e-books, 3 paperback books, and more than 1,600 articles educating millions of RVers. His best-selling book, titled The RV Book, has sold over 53,000 copies to date.
‎Mark's first priority is the safety of his audience. To Mark, ‎this means anticipating the risks and challenges RVers will encounter when following his ‎instructions, ensuring that the information he provides is complete and accurate, and providing ‎enough information so his audience can make informed decisions about when to tackle ‎maintenance tasks themselves and when to take their vehicles to professionals.
His second ‎priority is his audience’ empowerment. He sends his students out on the road with confidence that they are equipped, prepared, ‎informed, and ready to enjoy themselves.‎Producing material that achieves those goals is a very difficult thing to do. RVs come in ‎a bewildering variety of different types, makes, models, and vintages, and when Mark writes ‎about tasks such as winterizing an RV plumbing system, (as we know there are many ways to winterize an RV), his instructions need to walk his readers through the process ‎regardless of what RV the reader happens to own.
Like his soldiers, his RV students come to him ‎with widely disparate levels of expertise, experience, talent, and motivation, and his instructions ‎must speak to all of them. Mark’s writing and video presentations are accurate and comprehensive. It is also clear, ‎concise, and easy to understand. He breaks complex, intimidating tasks down to easy steps.

Chief Warrant Officer Three Mark J. Polk was awarded a first place US Army maintenance award from General Shelton.

Mark started RV Education 101 in 1999

  • Writer/ Columnist/ Contributor for numerous RV consumer & RV trade newsletters and magazines (RVBusiness, FMCA, RV News, RV Companion, Pop-Up Times, RV Free Wheelin’, Trail Blazer, RV Executive Today and RV Magazine,)
  • RV Technical Writer for several newsletters and blogs, (Go RVing blog, KOA Kompass Newsletter and Blog, Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA), RV Net Expert Blog, RV University This Week, Camping World e-newsletter, RV Travel, RV Trader, Rollin On TV website, HGTV and Geiko Insurance blog)
  • Script and host television segments for Rollin On TV
  • Scripted & hosted television segment titled RV Savvy for four seasons (52 episodes) with RVTV on The Outdoor Channel and three Canadian TV Channels.

Courses Included with Purchase

RV 101® -How to Buy the Right RV & Save Online Video Training Program
Buying an RV is a major purchase and you don't want to make costly mistakes. This course was designed to make you an educated RV buyer, and save thousands
Mark J. Polk
RV 101® - Motorhome: RV Orientation® - Online Video Training Program
Sit back, relax and learn what you need to know about safely and properly using your Type A, Type B or Type C Motorhome
Mark J. Polk
RV 101® Drive Your Motorhome Like A Pro Online Video Training Program
Full-feature professional driver’s training for beginner & experienced RV drivers at an affordable price.
Mark J. Polk
RV 101® - RV Essential Items Online Streamed Video Training Program
Be prepared for any and all camping or campground scenarios with this thorough RV Essential items video training.
Mark J. Polk
RV DIY® - Winterizing and Storing Your RV Online Video Training Program
Learn how to properly winterize your RV and prepare the RV for winter storage to protect your investment.
Mark J. Polk
RV Care & Preventive Maintenance RV DIY® Online Video Training
Step-by-step instructions on how to inspect and identify small problems with your RV, before they become large expensive problems
Mark J. Polk
RV 101® - The Original Checklists for RVers E-Book Training Course
Don't leave home without your checklists! This e-book course offers 40 RV Checklists on every RV topic imaginable
Mark J. Polk
RV 101® - Insider's Guide to Buying an RV E-Book Training Course
This e-book course will help prevent you from making costly mistakes. It was designed to make you an educated RV buyer & save money.
Mark J. Polk
RV Orientation® - An Introduction to RVs E-book Training Course
This introduction to RVs e-book program educates you prior to buying, and is essential reading for anyone considering purchasing an RV
Mark J. Polk
RV 101® - Owning & Operating an RV Downloadable E-Book Training Course
This e-book program is your personal guide to learning how all of the systems and accessories on your RV operate, and it's is great course for all RV owners.
Mark J. Polk
RV 101® - RV Campground Basics E-Book Training Course
There is a lot to learn about RV campgrounds and RV Parks, and the more you know the better your camping experiences will be.
Mark J. Polk
RV 101® - RV Safety Features, Tips & Tricks E-book Training Course
Understanding your RV safety equipment, and knowing how to use it gives you peace of mind when you head out on your next RV trip.
Mark J. Polk
RV DIY® - RV Care & Maintenance E-Book Training Course
Preventive Maintenance checks RV owner's can make. When you do PM checks on your RV it help prevent emergency maintenance when you are on the road
Mark J. Polk
RV DIY® - Winterizing & Storing Your RV E-Book Training Course
Learn how to properly winterize your RV, and prepare the RV for winter storage to help protect your investment.
Mark J. Polk
RV DIY® - RV Battery Care & Maintenance Downloadable E-Book Training Course
Learn how easy it is to maintain your RV deep-cycle batteries. A few simple preventive maintenance steps can extend the life of your RV batteries.
Mark J. Polk
Official RV 101® Guide To RV Water Heater Use & Care
Downloadable RV 101® Guide for beginners & experienced RV owners
Mark J. Polk
Official RV 101® Guide to RV Generators
Downloadable RV 101® Guide for beginners & experienced RV owners
Mark J. Polk
Official RV 101® Guide to RV Water Systems
Downloadable RV 101® Guide for beginners & experienced RV owners
Mark J. Polk

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