RV 101® - The Original Checklists for RVers E-Book Training Course

Don't leave home without your checklists! This e-book course offers 40 RV Checklists on every RV topic imaginable


RV 101® - The Original Checklists for RVers - E-Book Training Course

This is an RV 101 online e-book training course. When you enroll in our training course you have the option to simply download the e-book and read it at your leisure and/or you can participate in the online training course. I wanted to add more than just an e-book, so the course material includes the written text, short video segments, related articles written by your instructor, helpful tips & tricks, fun RV University play & learn crossword puzzles and quizzes to help you retain the information.

Owning and operating an RV can get confusing at times. Checklists help us remember, and keep things in the proper order. It is similar to going to the grocery store, if we don’t write down what we need, inevitably we forget something and need to make another trip. With RVs there is just too much to try and remember. What do we need to take with us on our trip? What preventive maintenance do we need to do to protect our investment? What do we do when we arrive at the campground? This list goes on and on.

That is the purpose of this e-book, to help you remember things you might forget if it wasn’t written down somewhere.

It would be impossible to list everything for everybody and for every type of RV because of the vast differences between each individual’s needs and the various types of RVs. However, there are many things that are common to RV ownership. My goal with this e-book is to identify those common items on checklists that pertain to each of us as it relates to RVing.

As I stated earlier, these checklists are not all-inclusive. They are intended to serve as a basic guide and a reminder. When you use the checklists apply the items that meet your needs and the type of RV you have, and disregard items that don’t apply to you.

You can tailor the lists to match your specific needs. Then when you set out on your next RV adventure you will have the checklists to refer back to so nothing is overlooked or forgotten.

The Checklists for RVers e-book has 40 checklists on every RV topic imaginable.

This is a Downloadable PDF file of our best-selling e-book titled, Checklists for RVers.

Checklist 1 Pre-Delivery Inspection (Travel Trailer)
Checklist 2 Pre-Delivery Inspection (Motor Home)
Checklist 3 Pre-Delivery Inspection (Pop-ups)
Checklist 4 Essential Items for your RV
Checklist 5 Nice to Have Items for your RV
Checklist 6 Tools and Maintenance Supplies
Checklist 7 Basic Inventory Items for your RV
Checklist 8 Pre-Trip Checks
Checklist 9 Hitching & Unhitching (Travel Trailer) (5th Wheel) (Pop-up)
Checklist 10 Home Security while you are Away
Checklist 11 Trip Planning Checklist
Checklist 12 Traveling with Pets Checklist
Checklist 13 Campground Set-Up (Travel Trailer & Motorhome)
Checklist 14 Campground Set-Up (Pop-up)
Checklist 15 Manual Awning Operation Checklist
Checklist 16 Winterizing your RV
Checklist 17 De-Winterizing your RV
Checklist 18 Storing your RV
Checklist 19 Spring Preparation
Checklist 20 Sanitizing Your RV Water System
Checklist 21 Hot Weather Maintenance
Checklist 22 Towing Behind a Motor Home Safety
Checklist 23 Daily RV Logbook
Checklist 24 Never Leave Home Without It
Checklist 25 AC & DC Amp Draw Charts
Checklist 26 Improving Fuel Economy
Checklist 27 Refrigerator Efficiency
Checklist 28 Emergency Weather Planning
Checklist 29 Inspecting for Water Damage
Checklist 30 Buying an RV
Checklist 31 Battery Testing Chart
Checklist 32 RV Travel Security
Checklist 33 Getting There Safely
Checklist 34 Rodent Control
Checklist 35 Campground Savvy
Checklist 36 RV Awning Inspection
Checklist 37 RV Fire Safety
Checklist 38 RV Tire
Checklist 39 RV Tire Gauge Accuracy
Checklist 40 RV Generator

Your Instructor

Mark J. Polk
Mark J. Polk
Who is Mark Polk and why is he qualified to teach RV technical content?
Mark is an RVer and has a very extensive background in the RV industry. He began at age 15, washing RVs at a dealership in North Central Pennsylvania. It wasn't long before he was working as an apprentice RV technician under the guidance of the RV service manager.
His maintenance plans were interrupted when he enlisted in the military. Mark completed airborne training in 1979 and served with some of the most elite U.S. Army Airborne units, including Service Company 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne), 82nd Signal battalion, 82nd Airborne Division and the 16th Military Police Brigade, XVIII Airborne Corps. He spent the next 18 years with the U.S. Army eventually retiring as a Chief Warrant Officer 3 Automotive Maintenance Technician.
In the military, he managed large fleet maintenance operations, and had to teach young soldiers how to maintain and operate ‎expensive vehicles and equipment. These soldiers came to him from very different backgrounds, and their prior experience with heavy equipment and mechanical skills were similarly varied. Mark had to learn how to ‎communicate with all of them clearly, concisely, and effectively, and he found he had a ‎talent for teaching. The Army agreed, and eventually he was asked to produce written ‎instructional materials, including driver training manuals and operating procedures for motor ‎pools.‎
When he retired from the Army in 1996, he went to work for an RV dealership in ‎sales and service. He talked to customers about their needs and desires and helped them select ‎the right RV for them. He inspected used RVs for trade-in, he serviced customer RVs, and he ‎educated customers on how to operate and enjoy their vehicles. As an RV owner himself, throughout the years, he has owned and used all the classifications of RVs (travel trailer, motorhome, pop up, 5th wheel and truck camper). He even restored, from the ground up, a 1967 Yellowstone travel trailer. It was clear to him there ‎were limited resources available to RV owners who wanted to learn more about how to operate and maintain their RVs. Owners’ manuals provide limited information, and most consumers ‎find them confusing. Anecdotal information learned around campfires from other RV owners is ‎incomplete and can be unreliable.
Mark realized he had the knowledge and teaching ability ‎to fill that gap, and so in 1999 he began writing articles and books about how to choose, buy, ‎maintain, repair, and operate a variety of RVs. To date, he has produced more than 500 educational ‎videos, and authored 15 e-books, 3 paperback books, and more than 1,600 articles educating millions of RVers. His best-selling book, titled The RV Book, has sold over 53,000 copies to date.
‎Mark's first priority is the safety of his audience. To Mark, ‎this means anticipating the risks and challenges RVers will encounter when following his ‎instructions, ensuring that the information he provides is complete and accurate, and providing ‎enough information so his audience can make informed decisions about when to tackle ‎maintenance tasks themselves and when to take their vehicles to professionals.
His second ‎priority is his audience’ empowerment. He sends his students out on the road with confidence that they are equipped, prepared, ‎informed, and ready to enjoy themselves.‎Producing material that achieves those goals is a very difficult thing to do. RVs come in ‎a bewildering variety of different types, makes, models, and vintages, and when Mark writes ‎about tasks such as winterizing an RV plumbing system, (as we know there are many ways to winterize an RV), his instructions need to walk his readers through the process ‎regardless of what RV the reader happens to own.
Like his soldiers, his RV students come to him ‎with widely disparate levels of expertise, experience, talent, and motivation, and his instructions ‎must speak to all of them. Mark’s writing and video presentations are accurate and comprehensive. It is also clear, ‎concise, and easy to understand. He breaks complex, intimidating tasks down to easy steps.

Chief Warrant Officer Three Mark J. Polk was awarded a first place US Army maintenance award from General Shelton.

Mark started RV Education 101 in 1999

  • Writer/ Columnist/ Contributor for numerous RV consumer & RV trade newsletters and magazines (RVBusiness, FMCA, RV News, RV Companion, Pop-Up Times, RV Free Wheelin’, Trail Blazer, RV Executive Today and RV Magazine,)
  • RV Technical Writer for several newsletters and blogs, (Go RVing blog, KOA Kompass Newsletter and Blog, Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA), RV Net Expert Blog, RV University This Week, Camping World e-newsletter, RV Travel, RV Trader, Rollin On TV website, HGTV and Geiko Insurance blog)
  • Script and host television segments for Rollin On TV
  • Scripted & hosted television segment titled RV Savvy for four seasons (52 episodes) with RVTV on The Outdoor Channel and three Canadian TV Channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We don't want anyone to be unhappy with our courses. If you are not satisfied, contact us in the first 30 days and we will offer you a full refund if we can not resolve the problem.
How do your online E-book courses work?
You have a couple options. You can download the e-book to your devices immediately and read it at your leisure, and you can participate in the more in-depth online e-book training course. In the course the e-book is broken down into individual chapters. In each chapter there is the written text, related short videos, articles written by your instructor, helpful tips & tricks and some fun play & learn RV crossword puzzles, all at a super affordable price.

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