We are proud to be pioneers as it pertains to RV education on the Internet: In 1999 we started RV video training in the form of VHS tapes. We evolved to DVDs and books, then to e-books, video downloads and were among the first to offer streamed video training. With our video sets we offer what would be the equivalent of over 9 hours of one on one instruction.

In 2010 we created our wildly popular "Go for the RV Gold program" which was a self-paced online RV training program offering over 45 one-on-one RV training videos, 50 feature articles, 60 RV tips and much more. This is the feedback from a graduate of that program:
“Hi Mark – My wife and I bought our first travel trailer last fall. I want to let you know that your Go for the RV Gold program is excellent. It is produced with the same high quality as your other RV Education 101 books and videos (that I have). It provides a thorough discussion of the major RV systems and other topics that are important to those like myself who are new to RVing. The videos, articles, and other materials are clear and very informative. I am impressed with the quality of the program. It is definitely worth the money.” ~Mike Evanchik, Springfield, VA

In 2010 this was the only online RV training program that taught you everything you need to know about your RV at such a reasonable cost, and totally at your leisure with no deadlines. As our company is ever growing and evolving, we still offer some DVDs, but our main success in this technology age is in our RV online training courses. Mark likes to put it this way: “These are simple-to-understand articles and videos. Consumers can watch a video and be comfortable operating the RV afterwards. They won’t learn how to replace major components and diagnose electrical problems, but they will understand how to properly and safely use their RV. We actually show you how to use your RV, in an easy to understand format."

For those who don't know, Mark served a full career as a ‎Maintenance Warrant Officer in the United States Army, managing the operation of the motor pool, where he not only had ‎to understand vehicle maintenance, he had to teach young soldiers how to maintain and operate ‎motor pool vehicles. These soldiers came to him from very different backgrounds, and their prior experience with heavy equipment and mechanical skills were similarly varied. Mark had to learn how to ‎communicate with all of them clearly, concisely, and effectively, and he found that he had a ‎talent for teaching. The Army agreed, and eventually he was asked to produce written ‎instructional materials, including driver training manuals and operating procedures for motor ‎pools.‎

When he retired from the Army in 1996, Mark went to work for an RV dealership in ‎sales and service. He talked to customers about their needs and desires and helped them select ‎the right RV for them. He inspected used RVs for trade-in, he serviced customer RVs, and he ‎educated customers how to operate and enjoy their vehicles. It became clear to him that there ‎were limited resources available to RV owners who wanted to learn more about how to maintain ‎and operate their vehicles. Owners’ manuals provide limited information, and most consumers ‎find them confusing.

Anecdotal information learned around campfires from other RV owners is ‎incomplete and can be unreliable.

Mark realized that he had the knowledge and teaching ability ‎to fill that gap, and so in 1999, he began writing articles and books about how to choose, buy, ‎maintain, repair, and operate a variety of RVs. To date, he has authored more than 500 educational ‎videos, 15 e-books, 3 paperback books, and more than 1,500 articles. His best-selling book, ‎entitled The RV Book, has sold over 50,000 copies to date.

‎Mark's first priority is the safety of his audience. To Mark, ‎this means anticipating the risks and challenges RVers will encounter when following his ‎instructions, ensuring that the information he provides is complete and accurate, and providing ‎enough information so that his audience can make informed decisions about when to tackle ‎maintenance tasks themselves and when to take their vehicles to professionals.

His second ‎priority is his audience’ empowerment. He sends his students out onto the road with confidence that they are equipped, prepared, ‎informed, and ready to enjoy themselves.‎Producing material that achieves those goals is a very difficult thing to do. RVs come in ‎a bewildering variety of different types, makes, models, and vintages, and when Mark writes ‎about tasks such as winterizing a water system, as we know there are many ways to winterize an RV, his instructions, need to guide his readers through the process ‎regardless of which RV his reader happens to own.

Like his soldiers, his RV students come to him ‎with widely disparate levels of expertise, experience, talent, and motivation, and his instructions ‎must speak to all of them.

Mark’s writing and video presentations are accurate and comprehensive. It is also clear, ‎concise, and easy to understand. He breaks complex, intimidating tasks down to easy steps.

‎I am so very proud of Mark and his talents and of this company we have built. https://rveducation101.com/