A typical RV gas range and oven is similar to what you might find in your house, with the exception that most RV ranges only have three burners. The front burner is a high output burner. Some burners have built-in automatic igniters, making it very easy to light the burners. Just turn the knob to the light position and rotate the igniter knob until the burner lights. On a range that doesn’t have automatic igniters you can use a striker. Turn the burner to the light position and use the striker to light the burner. To light the oven, turn the selector knob for the oven to the pilot ON position and light the pilot inside the oven using a striker.

The pilot and burner assembly are located under the tray in the oven. When the pilot is lit you will see a small pilot flame. After it’s lit, turn the oven selector knob to a higher heat range setting and the pilot light will burn stronger. When it reaches a certain temperature the gas valve releases gas and the burner assembly lights, this can take several seconds. After the burner lights just set the temperature control to the desired heat setting for what you are cooking.

Some pop-ups come equipped with an LP gas range that can be used inside and outside. You simply turn the main gas supply off at the range inside, disconnect the quick disconnect and connect it to the external gas supply outside. Some pop-ups have two separate LP gas ranges, one for inside and one for outside.

LP Gas Tip: When you change a gas cylinder there is a possibility air will get in the gas lines. A good habit to get into is to light the range burners after you change a cylinder. This will help evacuate any air from the system making it easier to light the other appliances.

Warning: Never use the range burners or oven as a source of heat. It is not vented outside and depleted oxygen can cause asphyxiation.

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