Thank you for your interest in the RV Orientation Online Training Program presented by RV Education 101. When Mark Polk, Founder of RV Education 101, was the Sales Manager for an RV dealership in North Carolina (1996-1999) he constantly received phone calls from new RV owners who couldn’t remember how something on their RV worked, or what was said to them during their RV walk-through class.

Mark searched for an effective solution to help educate new RVers on how to properly and safely operate and maintain their RV, but discovered there was very little available in the way of RV consumer education material , more specifically in the form of RV walk-through training. Polk's solution to the problem was to produce an RV video training series that the RV consumer could watch and review whenever, wherever and as often as they needed, to effectively learn about their RV..

The RV Dealer Customer Online RV Orientation Training Course

Our updated RV Orientation videos help educate the consumer prior to taking delivery, and before the RV dealer's walk-through. This will cut down on time, questions and follow-up calls to the dealership.

Since 1999, our RV training programs and videos have helped well over a million RV consumers learn how to properly operate and maintain their RVs. Numerous RV dealers across the country benefit from what our program has to offer the customer oriented RV dealership. Although our physical DVD training program remains strong, we want to keep up pace with today’s technology where innovative delivery methods and platforms are concerned.

The Power of Online Video….

Educating the RV consumer on how to properly and safely use and maintain their new RV has never been easier than right now. The power of online video is the primary source for disseminating information to the consumer. Today’s consumer desires access to information instantly. When you combine online video technology and the need for repetitive viewing to maximize retention it's easy to see why our online RV training program is the most effective training available today

The Training your Customers will Receive…

Our RV 101® online video training courses can be viewed from any device including PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

The RV Orientation video training is generic, offers a training course for both motorized and towable RV information, and is similar to the walk-through class you give your customers prior to taking delivery of the unit. It consists of easy to understand charts and hands-on instruction covering the LP gas system, water system, wastewater system and the electrical system. In addition to the major systems of an RV the video includes instruction on RV appliances, RV accessories and much more.

In addition to the RV Orientation training video your customers also receive a video presentation on our recommended “RV Essential Items.” This product review presentation informs your customers on what items they will need to purchase, in addition to the “RV starter kit” to make all of their RVing experiences more enjoyable.

Low Monthly Pricing…

RV education 101 is proud to offer RV dealers this comprehensive RV online training program to assist in educating your customers on using their new (or new to them) RV. The good news is the low monthly fee we can extend to RV dealers to deliver this content electronically to your customers.

If you deliver 30 units or less per month, the monthly fee is only $99.95.

If you deliver 30 to 100 units per month, the monthly fee is only $149.95.
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If you would prefer to buy the DVD at a dealer discount contact dawn (at) rveducation101 (dot com)

After you sign up as a participating RV dealer we will email you a PDF form that you can print and give to each of your customers. You can give it to your customer when they complete the F&I paperwork, or prior to their scheduled dealer walk-through class. The PDF form provides your customers with easy to follow instructions and the coupon code required to access the online training material. It’s that easy!

Great Customer Service…

Providing your customers with this complimentary gift from your RV dealership accomplishes two very important goals:

1) It lets all of your customers know you genuinely care about their RV education. Every time they watch the complimentary RV Orientation training video they will think of your RV dealership and the fact that you were concerned about educating them on their new RV purchase, after the sale. Talk about great customer service.

2) Your customers will already be familiar with how the RV operates and will be able to ask more targeted questions during the dealer walk-through orientation. This will also decrease the amount of time your paid employees spend giving the walk through.

To get more information on how this online RV training program can benefit the customer oriented RV dealer contact: dawn (at) rveducation101 (dot com)

Our goal since 1999 has been simple; to help educate the RV consumer so they stay actively involved in the RV lifestyle. Customer satisfaction regarding RV training boils down to retention. The RV consumer cannot retain overwhelming system operations of a new unit with a one-time 2 hour class. The RV Orientation Training Program affords the new RVer an opportunity to review the information as many times as needed to become proficient at using and operating their RV.

Thank you for taking the time to review our online RV training program. If you would rather use the physical dvds in your dealership, we also offer dealer pricing for our 16 dvd titles and our 3 RV books.

If you have any questions, or if you need additional information, please feel free to contact Dawn at 910-484-7615 or e-mail dawn (at) rveducation101 (dot com)

We look forward to working with your RV dealership in the future, with the common goal of educating the RV consumer.