RV Online Video Training Program

Harrells, NC – February 2018 -- RV Education 101, a video and RV consumer information company today launched an updated RV online training resource designed to assist in educating RV consumers at

Mark Polk, founder of the long-standing RV Education 101 instructional video series stated, “Although our current offering of RV training DVDs continues to do well in the marketplace, we want to keep pace with technology where innovative RV training delivery platforms are concerned.”

The Power of Online Video....

Polk continued, “Educating the RV consumer on how to properly and safely use and maintain their new RV has never been easier than right now. The power of online video is the primary source for disseminating information to the consumer. Today’s consumer desires access to information instantly. The problem is, anybody with a camera can post videos online and all too often it is misinformation. When you combine accurate RV training information with online video technology, and the need for repetitive viewing to maximize retention it's easy to see why our RV online training program is the most effective training available today.”

RV Education 101's latest endeavor, the RV 101® online video training program can be viewed from any device including PCs, tablets, and smartphones. This unique training program includes full-feature video segments, related articles written by Polk, short video segments, helpful tips & tricks, fun play & learn crossword puzzles, and quizzes to help the RV consumer retain the information.

The video training is generic, covering both motorized and towable RV information. The most popular of our video training is the RV orientation demonstrating campground set-up and how to use the RV. The training is similar to an RV dealer walk-through class given to customers prior to taking delivery of the unit, but more in-depth. It consists of easy to understand charts and hands-on instruction covering the LP gas system, water system, wastewater system, electrical system, campground set-up, RV appliances and RV accessories. The video training also includes a bonus chapter on RV safety features. Other video training titles in the program include RV topics like trailer towing, driving, maintaining and winterizing you RV.

Dawn Polk, co-owner and sales & marketing director said "We want to reach the consumer before they purchase the RV so they can view the training videos and already be familiar with how the RV operates when they take delivery of the unit. This way, they are able to ask more targeted questions during the dealer walk-through orientation. Viewing our RV training videos takes the why, what and how out of learning things the hard way, and gives the consumer a level of confidence only achieved through proper RV education. With the popularity of YouTube, and the ease of posting videos, we are concerned about some of the information disseminated to the consumer.”

Our goal at RV Education 101 is to assist RV owners and potential owners in learning how to properly and safely use and maintain an RV. In our original and unique RV online training presentations we offer the most complete and easy to understand RV online training courses available anywhere. You don't need to join a club, and we promise you won’t be inundated with emails. It’s as simple as learn and enjoy.

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